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News / Change of Minimum Horse Age for Some Events
« on: November 07, 2021, 11:42:05 AM »
Hi guys,

The minimum age for jumping and endurance horse events has now been changed to four years old.


News / Show Results Randomizer
« on: October 26, 2021, 08:52:49 PM »
Thanks to our beloved Vienna Raine, we now have a show results randomizer for standardized show results, so please be sure to check out the showing information post and update your entries to be form compliant. Please make sure to check that there is no spacing in between group, breed and class, all groups in order as in the post, all breeds in alphabetical order, all male classes in numerical order followed by female classes in numerical order after all the male classes. Thanks all, and huge huge thanks to V for this script which will save a lot of time!

News / Mixed Breed Showing Reminder
« on: October 21, 2021, 10:38:46 AM »
Please remember that all mixed breed showing working towards being a fully approved breed is seperate from purebred showing. They have to be run seperately, and not go towards best in show with the purebreds. Please only enter your mixed breeds into shows that state that they're running a mixed breed specialty in the description. Please have form entries between your purebreds and mixed breeds seperate. Thank you.

For continuity, can we please make sure that on your show entries, breed names are entered as per the database.


Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
Fox Terrier (Wire)
Dachshund (Long Haired)


Also please make sure to check spelling of breed names too :)

Thank you!

Leaderboards / 2021-2 Top 20 Cat Leaderboard
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:37:36 AM »
1st: MBIS NatCh. TradeMark's Odd one Out - Bombay - 1568 points
2nd: MBIS GCh. Dreamwater Atomizer - Munchkin - 1076 points
3rd: MBIS NatCh. Dreamwater Puzzler - Munchkin - 1038 points
4th: NatCh. Dreamwater Hexpelt - Munchkin - 1001 points
5th: GCh. Rainforest Allure's Melbourne - Australian Mist - 921.6 points
6th: BISS BIS Gch. Rainforest Allure's Adelaide - Australian Mist - 772.8 points
7th: GCh. TradeMark's Harvest Moon Howl - Lykoi - 750 points
8th: Gch. TradeMark's Oh Ruby Red - Abyssinian - 740 points
9th: BIS Gch. Rainforest Allure's Brisbane - Australian Mist - 732 points
10th: BIS Gch. Rainforest Allure's Rest Assured - Abyssinian - 725 points
11th: BIS GCh. Rainforest Allure's Shatter The Monarchy - Turkish Van - 704 points
12th: GCh. Dreamwater Hexpelt - Munchkin - 703 points
13th: Gch. Rainforest Allure's Peeping Frogs - Abyssinian - 691pts
14th: BIS Gch. Rainforest Allure's Soundless Sea - Abyssinian - 669.8pts
15th: Gch. TradeMark's Spunky Lady - Abyssinian - 654pts
16th: Gch. Rainforest Allure's Hobert - Australian Mist - 629pts
17th: BIS GCh. AS Queen - Maine  Coon - 618
18th: BIS Gch. Rainforest Allure's Sleeping Tides - Abyssinian - 615
19th: GCh. AS Burnt Sienna - Maine Coon - 612
20th: BISS MBIS GCh. Evolution's Impossible Girl - Scottish Fold - 571

Leaderboards / 2021-2 Top 20 Dog Leaderboard
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:37:18 AM »
1st: MBIS BISS NatCh. Evolution's All the Buzz MC - Ibizan Hound - 1450
2nd: BISS BIS NatCh. Star Hunter's The Rainbow Connection JE - Dachshund (Wire Haired) - 1305
3rd: NatCh. Evolution's Float Like A Butterfly SC - Ibizan Hound - 1230
4th: BIS NatCh. Evolution's Attenion to Detail - Karelian Bear Dog - 1171
5th: BIS NatCh. Foxglove's Corpse Party JH - Curly Coated Retriever - 1150
6th: BIS NatCh. Star Garden Holding On To You - Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren) - 1109
7th: BIS NatCh. Evolution's Don't Touch This - Leonberger - 1091
8th: BIS NatCh. Foxglove's Red Matter JH - Red and White Setter - 1090
9th: NatCh. Foxglove's Don't Panic JH - Small Munsterlander - 1050
10th: BIS GCh. Foxglove's Gunner's Dream - Flat Coated Retriever - 1032
11th: BISS NatCh. Dreamwater Zaid al-Idris JC - Sloughi - 1009
12th: BIS NatCh. Token of Love At Arctic Stars - Siberian Husky - 1000
13th: BIS GCh. Foxglove's Gunner's Dream - Flat Coated Retriever - 974
14th:    GCh. Evolution's I Can Be Anything - Finnish Spitz - 938
15th: BIS GCh. Foxglove's Fortune Teller - Poodle (Moyen) - 909
16th: GCh. Foxglove's Up To No Good - Poodle (Moyen) - 896
17th: BIS GCh. Evolution's Experience is Everywhere - Mudi - 880
18th: GCh. Foxglove's Cosmic Event JH - Lagotto Romagnolo - 870
19th: GCh. Foxglove's Can't Say No AD JH - English Pointer - 866
20th: BISS GCh. Evolution's The Enemy's Gate is Down - Pekingese - 860

Leaderboards / 2021-2 Top 20 Horse Leaderboard
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:36:57 AM »
1st: COC MCOSC GCh. AS Deck Of Cards - Icelandic Horse - 561
2nd: GCh. Evolution's Eldhríð - Icelandic Horse - 541
3rd: GCh. Merci of DW - American Shetland Pony - 517
4th: COC COSC GCh. Folklore of Flourish - Oldenburg - 504
5th: COC GCh. Peregrine II of Flourish - Oldenburg - 502
6th: GCh. Sahara of Flourish - Trakehner - 500
7th: Ch. TradeMark's Iridescent Indigo - Clydesdale - 462
8th: Ch. Cedar - Ardennes - 398
9th: Ch. Fiction or Fantasy of DW - Morgan Horse - 393
10th: Ch. Hemlock - Ardennes - 361
11th: COSC Ch. TradeMark's Loch Ness - Clydesdale - 357
12th: Ch. TradeMark's Grace and Nobility - Gypsy Vanner - 347
13th: COC Ch. PocketRocket - Quarter Horse - 320
14th: COC Ch. Dreamwater Keeper of Sustenance - Holsteiner - 318
15th: COC Ch. Dreamwater Shield of Dusk - Holsteiner - 352
16th: Ch. Evolution's Eldhríð - Icelandic Horse - 316
17th: COC Ch. TradeMark's Caledonian Fire - Clydesdale - 315
18th: Ch. Mephistophelian - Norwegian Fjord - 315
19th: Ch. Woodfall of Flourish - Hackney Horse - 305
20th: Ch. Wardstone of Flourish - Trakehner- 298

News / Canine Good Citizen Title Eligibility Changeover
« on: July 18, 2021, 09:09:16 AM »
Hi guys,

Canine Good Citizen has now changed to the new system of points. A board has been created for it.

If you have a dog which has won a first place previously, or has gained over 10 points in CGC, please post in the appropriate thread to get them their new title!

News / First Show Standards Movie Marathon Night - 10/11 July
« on: July 04, 2021, 09:47:30 PM »
Hi everyone,

We'll be having our first movie marathon night over Discord and would love to see you there!

This will run at the following times:

Sunday 8am NZT - Saturday 9pm UK time/4PM EDT

So far we've got these movies in order. Any with same amount of votes we will vote on at the time once we finish the first ones.

1st - Where the Red Fern Grows (3)
2nd - Old Yeller - (2)
3rd - Best in Show, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, 101 Dalmatians, A Dog's Purpose 1 + 2 (1) - To vote on the night

You don't have to stay for all, but we'd love you to join us, and we can chatter as we watch :) I'll put a Discord announcement when each movie is about to start, with what movie there is. Not much point in running a movie if I'm the only one watching though! But I can guarantee I'll be there for all, obviously, as I have to host haha.

News / Should we make CGC a pass/fail system?
« on: June 26, 2021, 04:36:56 PM »
Taking a poll if we should change CGC to a pass/fail system like in real life. Let me know what you think :)

What I propose is making it pass/fail, but you can only have your dogs try it once. This would prevent just consistently taking to get it. And if you pass first level, then you can try next, but again only once. So technically only should be a few to be top ranked and prevent too many dogs from getting it consistently.

There'll be a list of dog's names and their result, so you don't have to remember if was a pass/fail or not, and the test can be taken anytime.

News / Suggestions for Dog and Horse Activities are Now Closed
« on: June 25, 2021, 02:52:21 PM »
Until further notice, we will no longer be adding new sports to dogs and horses. This may change in future when there is more activity and I'll post to open it back up again. We have a wide variety of sports available now and not quite enough dogs to fill them all.

Cats we will still accept suggestions for at this point in time.

Thank you.

General Chatter / Movie Marathon Night
« on: June 24, 2021, 09:39:30 PM »
Rotte made the suggestion of a Show Standards movie night and I love the idea!

Please let me know what dates and times you'd be able to make it to add to the polls for movie night/day/morning! I'll add your suggestions to the poll to vote. You can select multiple times. I will translate to different time zones as needed as well. I'll take a few suggestions that aren't too close to each other. Then we can type to narrate the films as we go, just cause haha.

So far on the board is Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows 'cause Rotte's uncultured (I love ya really!), so that makes them a MUST WATCH and see who cries first lol If more than one person wants to see them, we'll add to the list, so also please lemme know what on the list you'd like to watch too. We'll do dogs for this night and if it takes off, we'll have nights in the future (maybe like one every couple of months or something) and keep it themed!

Movies to vote on:

Old Yeller - 1 vote
Where the Red Fern Grows - 3 votes
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Man's Best Friend
Bullet Head
Best in Show - 1 vote
A Dog's Purpose 1 + 2
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
101 Dalmatians - 1 vote

We'll aim to do this in a couple of weeks or can pin down a date depending on what happens. How it will work is I'll play the movies and stream it through Discord, and fingers crossed my internet plays ball, but generally during the day it's good. We can give it a shot. I haven't streamed through Discord before, but I have through Twitch, so hopefully can figure it out :)

Anyone's welcome to join, and if you can't stay for all of it, feel free to come and watch and hang out while you can!

Future theme nights. Also can take suggestions!

Sled Dogs
Fantasy creatures

News / Health Testing Upgrade or Downgrade
« on: June 09, 2021, 11:45:19 AM »
From now on with litters, there is a chance for the progeny to either upgrade or downgrade their standard health testing.
Your progeny will have a one in 100 chance of rolling stats better or worse than the parents currently.
Both parents have good hips.
Each progeny has a 1 in 100 chance to roll either excellent or fair hips.

News / Health Testing
« on: May 11, 2021, 02:48:37 PM »
Health testing will now be automatically done on all animals, and there won’t be any charge to it. Have fun!

News / Livestock Registry is Now Open
« on: May 09, 2021, 02:02:10 PM »
Hey team,

We've added livestock to Show Standards. Have you ever wanted a farm with geese or ducks? Now's your chance.

Have you ever dreamed of farming cows, chickens, pigs or goats? Go ahead, you good thing!

Categories are still being thought out for showing, but now's your chance!

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